Pesachim 7 – פסחים ז

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Tosfos asks, how can one make a bracha on a Lulav after the fact.  Why would it be different than Tevillah where we have no problem with a bracha after the Tevillah?

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2 thoughts on “Pesachim 7 – פסחים ז

  1. The fact is that it is established that Tevila does not need Over Lasi’asan. Perhaps the question could have been worded differently, to ask why the Gemara didn’t say that Lulav is excluded from the rule. But Tosafos is asking from the perspective of the current Halacha.

  2. Hi Rabbi Kessler Shavua Tov from Yerushalayim. I am several daf ahead and had a problem with daf 10.There is something wrong with the taping.Perhaps you can fix it before the velt gets to daf10.I am very much enjoying your presentation.You are fabulous! Continued haztlacha in all your teaching and learning.I am in awe of your incredible contribution to Am Yisrael!

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