Pesachim 3 – פסחים ג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Why was the talmid penalized (by Rav) for referring directly to Tuma’h if that was the shorter method of expression?

Why was the Goy chayav misah for eating the Korban Pesach?

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5 thoughts on “Pesachim 3 – פסחים ג

  1. He was not penalized. The Talmid who used a refined Lashon showed that he had the refinement of an Adam Gadol. Only in the first incident was the Talmid who used an unclean animal as a description of his learning, rejected. This is because it showed complete lack of reverence to his Torah.

    In this case of Botzrin Betahara, there is a Machlokes in the Mefarshim which one is the better one. Some say indeed that the shorter language was commended. The Maharal (in Gur Arye Al Hashas), however, says that the cleaner language was commended. He explains, Lashon Ketzara means concise language, not merely shorter. In our case, of picking grapes and olives, there is no point of doing the olives with Tuma. Therefore, as Rashi says, the point is that by grapes we are careful to do it Bitahara, but by olives there is no such meticulousness.

    The other point the Maharal mentions explains is that the idea of using Lashon Ketzara is so as not to lose the attention of the listener. In our case, once he mentioned the main point, which is that we are only careful when we pick grapes, the rest of the sentence can carry on, for it is not an essential element of the point being made.

  2. The Goy was Melagleg on the Torah; he was Mevazeh Kodshim; he is a Zar for this Karban; he stole his part, since they would never agree to give him a part had they known who he is; and he would probably be very mad at Rebbe Yehuda Ben Beseira and he became a Rodef (although Rashi is Mashma that Rebbe Yehuda would have killed him had he been able to).

  3. Regarding a new mother who miscarried after giving birth:
    According to Shammai, if day #81 was Shabbat, Shammai would have to hold that even if she miscarried on Shabbat day or even on Motza”sh (day 82) , one sacrifice would suffice for the original birth and the miscarriage.
    Even more than that; if Shabbat (day 81) was Erev Rosh Hashannah than even miscarriages on the first day of R”H (day 82), second day R”H (day 83) and Motzai R”H (day 84) should be included in the one Korban according to Shammai.

    In the matter of Rochevet and Yoshevet, Yoshevet can, too, be written without the letter vav in four letters (כתיב חסר).

    • Hi Sholom,

      Please have a look at the Mishnah in Kerisus (7b) where B”H use this very argument against B”SH! Their response: although Shabbos is not time for personal Korbanos, it is fit for Korbanos Tzibbur, and thus is considered a ‘time fit for Korban’

      Rashi and Tosfos both allude to your point about the spelling of yosheves. They explain that it would only be written chaser if there is a lesson being imparted with it. In this case, the lesson is only when rocheves is chaser, and the message being that lashon katzar is more important.

  4. First question: Failure to use genteel language reveals a ‘flaw’ in his heritage.

    Second question: Non-Jew was forbidden to enter that part of the Temple and also forbidden to partake of Paschal sacrifice.

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