Pesachim 14 – פסחים יד

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

How can we add Tuma’h to Teruna/Kodesh which is already Tamei; why would this be diferrent than adding Tuma’h to a Kohen who is already Tamei – which is certainly assur?

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One thought on “Pesachim 14 – פסחים יד

  1. The two are very different. A Cohen may become Tammei to a Sheretz or even a Zav and a Mercav Zav, but he may not repeat the very Tuma stage he is in. Termua and Kodshim have no Issur at all to repeat the same Tuma yet it is Assur to be Metamme it with any Tuma. If we are to draw any conclusion from this it is that Truma and Kodshim are to remain Tahor, and that is the extent of its Issurim, while the Cohen has a specific Issur of being in the situation of a Mess that is Metammei, but it is not necessarily the Tuma that is the problem. We can point to the fact that the Cohen has an additional Issur of hair-pulling for the dead as a Seyu’a to the concept that it is more the Misa which is the issue than the Yuma itself.

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