Pesachim 13 – פסחים יג

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 Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

When it comes to Chametz, we are concerned even about confusing hours five and seven – due to a cloudy day; why don’t we say the same when it pertains to a (5-7) discrepancy between the witnesses (i.e. perhaps it was a cloudy day)?

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One thought on “Pesachim 13 – פסחים יג

  1. It is a Gezeira in case someone will make that mistake. We can’t accept Eidus on the chance that there was a mistake unless it is normal to make that mistake, in which case it is included in his words.

    As for Hazama, though, perhaps we will indeed let them off the hook if we find out that it was a cloudy day. Eating Chametz is establishing an Halacha, but Eidus can be researched case by case.

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