One thought on “Pesachim 113 – פסחים קיג

  1. Shalom Rabbi ,

    The week in South Africa the Chief Rabbi W Goldstein made an amazing drive to get Yidden in South Africa to keep Shabbos this week if they don’t usally.It is a big Kiddush Hashem as Thousands of Jews are keeping Shabbos in South Africa this week. Last night 2000 women got together and baked challah. All the communities are standing together , Mizrachi , chareidim, Chabad, Ashkanzi etc.
    I hope you don’t mind but I shared your story about the mashgiach of the Yeshivah who would say Shabbat Shalom to the soldiers , and said that Rabbi Akivah Eiger said that you can be mekadish the yom just by saying Shabbat Shalom ie Kiddush.I shared this story with my community and got such wonderful feed back, on our on line community forum.
    I listen to your Shuir every day and Thank you for the most amazing Shuir.

    Best Regards

    Yisroel Drutman , JOHANNESBURG South Africa.

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