Niddah 65 – נדה סה

The Gemara brings the ruling of Rebbi that she was granted four nights spread over twelve months.  How can we assume that she is still experiencing Dam Besulim, shouldn’t we rather assume that certainly the wound has completely healed by a year’s time?

One thought on “Niddah 65 – נדה סה

  1. It seems there is a deposit of blood called ‘Dam Besulim’ which is not simply dam emanating from a wound, rather it is specific to that particular membrane. We see further that it contains specific characteristics unique to Dam Besulim as is explained by Rebbi Meir (on bottom of 65b). The Gemara in Kesubos (5b) also discusses the difference between Dam Besulim and ordinary dam from a wound. It would seem from our Gemara that this dam remains in place until it is extracted as a result of the tashmish. Therefore before a certain number of tashmish (ex. Four nights of tashmish) it is assumed the Dam Besulim has not completely depleted and is still present.

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