2 thoughts on “Nedarim 59 – נדרים נט

  1. Shalom. Hope you are well. I am confused regarding the conclusion of R. Yanai. If the gedulim are greater than the original is it mevatel the original, or only when the gedulai gedulim are greater than the gedulim is it mevatel? At the end, you seem to say that in either case it is mevatel, but I understand the ran as saying that only if it is the gedulai gedulim is it mevatel. If the later understanding is correct, does this change the proof that the gemara wanted to bring from this case on 57b?

    • There seem to be two separate issues:

      1) Min hatorah – are gidulei heter mevatel the ikar which is assur. Rav Yanai holds yes.
      2) Miderabanan – gidulei teruma are treated as teruma (due to k’nas).

      We conclude here (according to R”Y) that min hatorah gidulei heter are mevatel the original teruma if they are majority (even by onions). The Ran seems to learn that miderabanan however this would not apply to gidulin, only gidulei gidulin (due to k’nas). The Rosh seems to hold that once they are majority, even gidulin would be okay (even miderabanan the k’nas expires).


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