2 thoughts on “Menachos 93 – מנחות צג

  1. Taking the opinion of Chachomim that the yoresh does Smicha for his father, whose sins is he mevadeh? His own or his father’s? How can he be mevadeh his father’s sins (unless he can be mevadeh them in principle). Surely only the person himself knows his own sins and sometimes not even that. If he is mevadeh his own sins, does that count for his father’s korbon? I suspect it must be possible to be mevadeh his father’s sins in principle for otherwise how could Aharon Hacohen place all the sins of Bnei Yisrael on the head of the seh l’azazel? Is this discussed anywhere?

    • The Chazon Ish explains that the Yoreish is considered current ‘owner of the Korban’ with respect to kapparah, as discussed in Zevachim (6a) It follows that he would do viduy on his own sins, not his father’s. Likewise, the Minchas Chinuch implies form our Gemara even a Yoreish of a woman will do Semicha, since it is his obligation as the new owner, irrespective of the Morish. This would seem to concur with the previous point as well.

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