Kesubos 68 – כתובות סח

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2 thoughts on “Kesubos 68 – כתובות סח

  1. Dear choshever Rabbi Kessler,
    #1 I would like to thank you for the beautiful shiurim that you are giving us. May Hashem help you that you should be able to learn with us many more years mitoich harchovas haddas and all the goods that Chazal are promising to marbutzei Hatoiru.

    #2 I would like to ask a question and you think that you have difficulties answering it. I would understand you entirely.

    We are learning in Kesubos the obligation that a husband has in supporting his wife. What is the heter and source to brainwash young girls who are taught at a very Young age they should go out and work and take a Koilel jungerman for a husband. This new minhag has caused this new SHIDUCHIM KREISSES.

    YY Markowitz

    • R’ Yisroel Yitzchock,

      Yasher Koach for your extra kind words and heartfelt berachos. Hashem should help you as well be zoche to see much hatzlocho in your learning gezunterheit.

      The topic you raised in an important one, but slightly beyond the scope of a simple email. I cannot confirm the facts you mentioned, but will respond based on your perception.

      All agree that 1) a husband is ultimately responsible for his family’s finances, as per the passuk in the Torah 2) a man has a mitzvah to learn as much Torah as possible 3) a wife receives her portion of zechus hatorah by encouraging and facilitating her husband’s learning (Sotah 21a).

      The Kollel concept is a fairly recent development, borne out of the drastic change in society. Gedolim of yesteryear were able to earn a living part-time and still be fully connected to Torah and lead Klal Yisroel (Hillel, Rav Yitzchock Nafcha etc.). Today’s all-consuming workplace and spiritually hostile environment doesn’t allow for this. The Kollel system creates an insular environment for learning Torah, whether for a short term learner, and certainly for individuals who are destined to become our Rabbanim, Poskim etc. – this wouldn’t be possible without Kollel today.

      A woman will decide her way in life. Nobody should be brainwashing anybody. However the various lifestyles should be clearly presented – v’habocher yivchar.


      Gut Shabbos

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