Eruvin 95 – עירובין צה

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Why would sleeping in a Sukkah be a problem, since he specifically intends not to be yotze (if it’s the eighth day) which is much more than simply lacking positive intent?

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4 thoughts on “Eruvin 95 – עירובין צה

  1. Nobody wants to be Over an Aveira, and nevertheless we say now that one transgresses even when he doesn’t mean to. We differentiate between no Daas and Daas Laakor when it comes to a Mitzva, since there is a reason to say that the person would be happy to know he accomplished a Mitzva.

  2. What happens if the tefillin that wants to save are found on Friday night? If we say that shabbat is zman tefillin he could not wear the tefillin to save them as the night is not the time for tefillin. If we say “tachshit’ then saving the tefillin at night is permissible.

    • Hi Shalom,

      Great point. Yes, seemingly night-time would have the same factors as Shabbos day, either 1) it is z’man tefilin and therefore could be worn as a mitzvah, or 2) it is not z’man tefilin and can be worn as a tachshit.

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