Eruvin 81 – עירובין פא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Why can’t the baker establish the Eruv employing any method that works, since the customer has clearly indicated he wishes the Eruv, and thus is obviously to his benefit?

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One thought on “Eruvin 81 – עירובין פא

  1. Tosafos explains that once he designated a way this should be done he blocked out the other options from his mind.

    It seems like Rashi learns (if he truly holds that the storekeeper could have been Mezakke if he thought of it) that the issue is that the storekeeper thinks that the money does the Eiruv and therefore does not have in mind to be Mezakke the neighbor. He also does not have a right to buy a part in his name since this was not made up between them.

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