Eruvin 71 – עירובין עא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Beis Hillel allow Bittul on Shabbos itself, since it is merely a ‘Siluk’ (abdication) that does not involve acquisition or Kinyan.  But how are the other Chatzer-members allowed to acquire the usage rights to his property on Shabbos?

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One thought on “Eruvin 71 – עירובין עא

  1. The Chatzer belonged to them in the first place; his Reshus ruined it. Once he removes himself from there everything falls into place.

    The question might be about when he says that he is Mevatel his house as well, or accoding to Rebbe Eliezer (who probably holds like Beis Shammai, anyhow), that says that the house is always Battul. In that case, we must say that when he is Mevatel his Reshus it becomes like Hefker, in a sense, and the B’nei Chatzer use it as they would any Beis Shaar, Amud, or other ownerless segments of the Chatzer.

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