Eruvin 23 – עירובין כג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

When only the lesser portion of the Karfef was planted, it can pose a concern if its size encompasses two Se’ah.  Why don’t we consider it to be batel to the majority which was left unplanted?


3 thoughts on “Eruvin 23 – עירובין כג

  1. When you plant a garden and that takes up most of the area, it makes sense to say that the whole area became that garden. However, we can’t disregard the fact that you planted a garden simply because it is within a larger area.

    • We are talking about determining the status and classification of the mechitzos and the enclosure, which can now be considered ‘ledira’ since the majority is.

  2. We see from the rest of the Sugya that we are considering the planted area as a separate Karfef that is not Hukaf Ledira. It doesn’t brake the Mechitzos around it, it just repels their effect. So, as long as we won’t say that the planted Gina is Battul, it is a Karfef and is Assur.

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