Eruvin 20 – עירובין כ

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

We learn that one should not carry a pail above the trough for concern that he may be tempted to repair it and transfer the pail (which he had placed in Reshus Harabim – which is an issur derabanan) to Reshus Hayachis (issur min hatoah).  Why is this not considered a double gezeira (gezeira legzeira) since it involves a two step process?

4 thoughts on “Eruvin 20 – עירובין כ

  1. Gezeira Ligezeira is when we make a Gezeira in order to protect another Gezeira from being accidently transgressed, or breached.

    • Here too we are prohibiting carrying over the Eivus to prevent a possible issur derabanan (placing down the pail without meleches machsheves). – is that not a double gezeira?

    • We are worried that he will pick it up again and put it into the trough, forgetting that it is Shabbos. This is what all Gezeiros are about. We don’t allow people to get too involved with actions that are a step away from a De’oraysa, since once involved it is easy to forget it is Shabbos for a moment.

  2. When carrying the pail over the trough and puts it down to fix the trough,would that fixing also be a melacha on Shabbos that it is worth making a gezeira for?

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