Eruvin 16 – עירובין טז

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Abaye explains that the Rabanan agree that a ‘Makom Chashuv’ is only achieved with four tefachim; if so how can we explain that Lavud is set at three?

Tosfos writes, that although we conclude in the Gemara that half Omed half Parutz is fine, that won’t necessarily apply to other area such as issur or tuma, where half and half may not be sufficient – how can we explain this difference?


One thought on “Eruvin 16 – עירובין טז

  1. Lavud is about seeing the objects in question as one connected object. Chashuv means that it stands in its own merit; it is large enough to be called a place on its own.

    By Mechitzos we say that Hashem told Moshe not to leave more open than closed, that’s not what we find by Shechita and Tuma. Mechitzos function to define an area as separate. Once the open part is not greater than the closed part we acheived that the surrounded area is not a continuation of the surrounding area.

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