Niddah 71- נדה עא

It seems from the Mishna that an ordinary tevul yom is considered to be merely a sheini letumah, however regarding a ‘yosheves al dam tohar’ who is also a tevul yom, some consider her a rishon (Beis Hillel) or a av hatumah (Beis Shamai) why should there be such a discrepancy between both cases of tevul yom?

One thought on “Niddah 71- נדה עא

  1. There are two answers provided by the meforshim: One explanation is that since she is more liable to becoming tamei as a result of experiencing dam niddah (after the completion of her yemei taharah) therefore greater stringencies are applied to her. Secondly since a long streach of time has elapsed between her tevillah and h’erev shemesh, we are concerened that perhaps she diverted her attention and inadvertantly became tamei (this is similar to Beis Shamai’s requiring her do be toivel again as a result of the above concern).

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