Niddah 70 – נדה ע

The Maharsha asks, the Gemara mentions a question whether ‘Ben Hashunamis’ is tamei on account of his previous death, why didn’t they ask the same question regarding all those who will get up at techiyas hameisim; whether they are tamei on account of their own death?

One thought on “Niddah 70 – נדה ע

  1. The Maharsha answers that regarding ordinary techiyas hameisim there is no question concerning being tamei on the account of their own death, since they are considered to be brand new bodies with no relation to their previous ones. The question was only asked regarding the Ben Hashunamis who resumed living in his former body. It would seem from the Maharsha, that although Chaza”l have taught us elsewhere that Hashem resurrects the body by rebuilding it using the Luz bone (which remains intact always) nevertheless it still considered to be a completely new body (see Maharsha for the explanation regarding the Gemara’s question about requiring Para Adumah for them).

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