Niddah 68 – נדה סח

The language in the Mishna seems to differ between Tana Kama and Rebbi Yehuda while describing the same thing; Tana Kama uses te term ‘Bein Hashmashos’ to describe the day’s end, whereas R”Y says ‘min hamincha ulemaala’ to denote the end of the day – Why is this so?

One thought on “Niddah 68 – נדה סח

  1. There is an answer by the Rada”l (see kovetz meforshim) that perhaps Rebbi Yehuda is following his view that time for Maariv begins at Plag Hamincha (see Brachos 46a) thus the time of Plag is considered to have the status of night to some extent. Rebbi Yehdua is therefore instructing us that regarding niddah as well, this time period of ‘min hamincha’ (i.e from Plag onward) would be considered like the end of the day and granted the same status as bein hasmashos according to the opinion of the Tana Kama.

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