Niddah 66 – נדה סו

Tosfos asks, according to the Gemara’s deriviation of the halacha requiring the Beis Hastarim to be free of any chatzitza, from the halacha that a mincha is required to be fit for blending.  If so why is there no lechatchila requirement to have the water reach the Beis Hastarim, just as one is required to lechatchila blend the mincha?

One thought on “Niddah 66 – נדה סו

  1. Tosfos answers, there is a distinction between the process of preparing a mincha, where each step of the process is an independent mitzvah, and should be performed even if it’s absence will not invalidate the mincha. In the case of tevillah however, the purpose is to become tahor, and if accomplishing taharah does not require water reaching the Beis Hastarim, then there is no advantage to doing so lechatchila. Apparently Tosfos is not negating the fact that immersing for tahara is certainly a mitzvah like any other, however since here the primary essence of the mitzvah is the accomplishment of tahara rather than the process of immersion, therefore whatever is not reqired to produce tahara (i.e. water reaching those areas) is not required even lechatchila.

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