Brachos 7 – ברכות ז

The Gemara states that it is greater for a disciple to serve and attend his Rebbbi’s needs than to receive Toarh from him.  If he does not learn Torah from him then how can he be considered a disciple?  Does the Gemara literally mean that he should serve him rather than study from him?

2 thoughts on “Brachos 7 – ברכות ז

  1. I believe the gemarah is alluding to the fact that Torah is more than just an esoteric study. When one serves and observes a talmud chacham, one learns how Torah is put into actual day to day practice. Using the halachos and lessons from the Torah to guide one’s everyday life is the end goal of the study of Torah. Therefore, when one serves a talmid chochom, that individual, if he pays attention, will end up learning a great deal of Torah through his service.

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