Niddah 72 – נדה עב

According to Beis Shamai, when she sees dam on the twelfth day she is accorded a tumah miderabanan. This is done in order to avoid any possible confusion, since had this occurred on any of the yemei zeeva she certainly would have been rendered tamei min hatorah.  Beis Hillel however maintain that she is completely tahor – it is only considered to be inappropriate conduct, but there is no rabbinic tumah applied.  How do we understand the reason behind Beis Hillel’s opinion; why is this case different than any of the other cases where she is accorded a tumah miderabanan when there is any room for confusion, as Beis Hillel themselves have stated earlier in the Mishna regarding the night following the eleventh day?

One thought on “Niddah 72 – נדה עב

  1. It appears that this dispute between Bei Shamai and Beis Hillel regarding tumah miderabanan is actually vey related to their earlier dispute regarding one who experiences dam on the eleventh day; according to B”SH she needs to examine herself the next day (although it is already the twelfth day, which is past the yemei zeevah) but according to B”H there is no such requirement. Hence according to B”SH even the twelfth day contains an element of a yom zeevah, it therefore follows that we ought to be metamei her if she sees on that day in order to avoid confusion with the other yemei zeevah. However according to B”H since the twelfth day is not regarded as a yom zeevah in any measure, there would be no place for any confusion with the yemei zeevah, thus there is no tumah miderabanan applied on account of seeing dam on that day.

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