Niddah 69 – נדה סט

The Gemara explains that according to Rav’s interpetaion of Rebbi Eliezer’s opinion, we don’t require ‘sefurin befaneinu’ and even when there were no bedikos performed consistently during all seven days she is tahor.  But don’t we derive form the pasuk of ‘vesafra la’ that a zava is required to ascertain that she is positively free of any dam in order to become tahor and permitted to her husband?

One thought on “Niddah 69 – נדה סט

  1. It seems from the Gemara there are two distinct applications to the halacha of lo boeenan sefurin befaneinu. One applies to when she performed only partial bedikos, for instance on the first day only or the seventh day only, where we consider that to be sufficient and she is thus completely tahor. The concept here is that we do not require the ultimate verification, but rather a partial verification based on chazakah is sufficient to be considered bedikas shiva nekeeyim. The latter case in the Gemara concerns a woman who knows she hadn’t done any bedikos, in that case she certainly is not permitted to her husband since we do not know her status without bedikos as it says in the Torah vesafrah la – there is only verification via bedikos. However since there is chance that in reality there was no dam during those seven days, that is sufficient to require her to be toivel (on account of the halacha that tevillah bezmana mitzvah) since she may in reality be tahor on account of the absence of dam. However, since this teviilah is only based on an unconfirmed possibility it is not sufficient regarding permitting her to her husband.

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