Niddah 42 – נדה מב

The Rashash asks, how can the gemara prove from the fact that the torah wasn’t concerned with a zav or metzora during matan torah, since we know from the midrash that all sick people were healed at that time.  Thus there were no such a thing as a zav or metzora since they were healed from their condition?

One thought on “Niddah 42 – נדה מב

  1. Although all sick people were healed, it would seem plausible however that the tuma associated with their condition would nevertheless still have to be removed via immersion in a mikva etc. – thus the gemara’s proof is clear since we see the torah did not require that a zav or metzora cleanse themselves from their tuma prior to matan torah, as did the baalei keri.

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