Brachos 35 – ברכות לה

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara explains why we cannot say ‘borei pri hazayis’ on olive oil since it is man who actually produces the oil from the olive.  According to this how do we say ‘hamotzi lechem min haaretz’ on bread, since it is man who actually forms and bakes the bread?

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2 thoughts on “Brachos 35 – ברכות לה

  1. i really appreciate all the shiurim,very well explained .is there a way to fix something, when i download berachos 35 ,could be other shiurim ,it doesnt download ,a bunch of letters show up, and i HAVE downloaded other shiurim.again thank you and wihing you much hatzlacha!( i want to download it so i can use it in a place that has no internet .)

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