Brachos 34 – ברכות לד

The Gemara tells us that one is not meant to make mention of personal needs during the first and last three brachos of shemone esrei which are dedicated to the praise of hashem.  Tosfos points out that this is only said regarding one’s own personal matters, however one may pray for public needs.  If the reason for this halacha is that we must first open our tefilla specifically with praise, what difference is there between personal needs or public needs?

One thought on “Brachos 34 – ברכות לד

  1. Possibly you can answer, that public needs is not like personal needs,
    Tosfos on 31A – D”H RAV ASHI AVID CEBRAISA, Says form the Yerushalmi – R’ yirmiya says that OSEK BESARCHE ZIBUR IS CONSIDERD LIKE DIVREI TORAH, therefore Divre Torah can be said even during the First Three berachos

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