One thought on “Brachos 32 – ברכות לב

  1. The Meslias Yesharim brings down in chapter 21 that a persons livelihood is not dependent on the amount of hishtadlus – work he does, really whatever was ordained from Rosh Hashana that is what a person will make, the medrash asks a question you might think that a person sits idle and his livelihood will come to him answers the medrash that hishtadlus is really a curse, a tax that we have to pay, once we pay the tax then the beracha from shamayim comes, now we see that a person work is not the direct cause of his livelihood only a tax, therfore a person can become lazy by saying even if i work harder i wont make a bigger living, only recieve what is ordained. possibly with this we can answer why the gemara says a personn needs constant Chizuk because a person dependent on his level on Emunah – Trust in G-D that is the amount of hishtadlus he needs

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