Brachos 32 – ברכות לב

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara says that one needs constant motivation/inspiration for ‘Derech Eretz’ which Rashi interprets to mean his profession.  Why would one require being inspired to pursue his profession which he depends on for his livelihood?

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5 thoughts on “Brachos 32 – ברכות לב

  1. Aren’t you ever seen somebody wastes his time instead of working for food & clothes to himself & his family? You can have a look at every Shtibel at 11 o’clock Shacharis minyan:)

  2. Good Morning
    Sorry to bother you but Daf 32 does not seem to download. Thanks for your help. Yasher Koach for all the great shiurim.

  3. Rebbe,
    Moshe Rabbeinu was told “V’ata hanicha li,” which was a hint to not leave Hashem alone but to daven for Bnei Yisrael. It occurs to me that Yirmiyahu Hanavi was told: “V’ata al tispallel..v’al tifga..” don’t daven to me for this nation and he didn’t. Did the navi miss his cue or was he really supposed to remain silent?

    • Hi Shmuel,

      Very interesting observation. Perhaps in that situation he couldn’t, since he was instructed explicitly to stop davening. This is similar to when Moshe Rabeinu was told by Hashem to stop davening about entering E.Y. as discussed later in today’s Daf.

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