Brachos 25 – ברכות כה

Our Gemara brings a machlokes between Abaye and Rava regarding tzoah in transit.  Abaye supports his lenient view from a Mishna about a Metzora who is walking.  In the previous Daf we had a similar dispute regarding a person walking through unclean alleyways, whether he is allowed to speak words of Torah, since he is merely in transit and not stationary.  Why doesn’t the Gemara there as well bring our Mishna of Matzora as a supporting proof to the lenient view?

2 thoughts on “Brachos 25 – ברכות כה

  1. If anything that gemoro of meteors would only prove the opposite like abate says if the metzora is stationary and the tohor wlaks past the ilon then everyone agrees that’s a problem so it should be if anything a stira to gemoro that says when YOU are over not the tzoah then it should be ossur?

    • Hi Avrumi,

      The Gemara is showing that just like the metzorah needs to be stationary to cause tumah, likewise the tzoah needs to be stationary to cause issur. Does that clarify?

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