Brachos 22 – ברכות כב

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3 thoughts on “Brachos 22 – ברכות כב

  1. I left a replay a few days ago about the HTML/XML error in your code and that I cannot download the MP3 of daf yomi shiurim. I need to download the MP3 for portability. It is still broken and I have not received a reply:

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  2. Rebbe,
    We know takkanas Ezra was rescinded because ayn hatzibbur yachol laamod bs. How long did that take to be established? Is there a rule for such a time span?

    • Gut Voch R’ Shmuel,

      The Ramba”m (Hilchos Mamrim 2:6,6) writes that there is no timeframe, even if it was accepted for a period of time and then is no longer being practiced, it can be rescinded.

      Interestingly regarding Tevilas Ezra, the Ramba”m (Hilchos Krias Shema 4:8) indicates that from the onset it never took off.


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