Brachos 22 – ברכות כב

The Gemara equates words of Torah to fire, which is not affected by tuma.  But later on we learn that one may not recite words of Torah in a place which contains something impure – why don’t we apply the above concept there as well?

One thought on “Brachos 22 – ברכות כב

  1. Possible the answer might be – When it comes to a Baal Keri, The reason why we would say that he cannot learn torah is because of a derasha of 2 pesukim next to each other of torah and har sinai, it seems that rabbi yehudah Ben betirah that holds that torah is like fire doesn’t Learn of the derasha of the 2 pesukim to stop a baal Keri because the pesukim is teaching something else that whoever teaches his son torah it is as if he Accepted it on har Sinai therefore the pesukim are not extra which means a Baal Keri can learn torah
    But when it comes to learning torah in a dirty place like a bathroom etc. the torah says straight out it is “devar Hashem baza” it is a disgrace which is an open pasuk which you can’t argue on

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