Brachos 13 – ברכות יג

The Gemara says in the days of Moshiach there will be no mention at all regarding miracles associated with ‘shibud malchuyos’ (our various exiles) and only minimal mention of yetzias mitzraim.  Why would yetziias mitzraim require any mention at all – since its miracles too are paled in comparison with the miracles of Moshiach?

4 thoughts on “Brachos 13 – ברכות יג

  1. I can think of two reasons .
    Although to strengthen our emuno the nissim of Moshiach will suffice,but by mentioning Yetzias Mizraim we express hakoras hatov to HKB”H which is an eternal chiyuv
    Since golus and geulas mizraim was the model of all goluyos and geulos ,we will be able to see the consistent hashgocha which is a chizuk in emuna

  2. The emunah that was instilled in our hearts because of yetzias mitzrayim – anochi hashem elokecha asher hotzesicha mei’eretz mitzrayim – is what enabled us to last until bias hamashiach. The truth of that and the emunah that came along with that doesn’t disappear.

  3. Yitziat mizraim is the basis of our emunah – that was the start of klal yisrael, that is when we had received the torah – that is when we became AVADIM TO HKB”H,
    the begining of the most important time in klal yisrael

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