2 thoughts on “Bechoros 56 – בכורות נו

  1. I have been enjoying the Daf Yomi by Rabbi Kessler since I started from Eruvin in memory of my Mother Susan Taragin Shoshana Freda bas Harav Hillel Michali.Rabbi Kessler you are
    clear ,concise and a joy to listen to.Kol Hakavod! I live in Yerushalayim and listen and learn from you everyday! Just one question.Icannot find Daf 54. Did you download it? If you are ever in Yerushalayim I would love to meet you. Thank you very much for the incredible amount of time you are investing in the preparation and giving over of the Shiur.You are amazing! Danny Taragin. 01197226798708.

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