2 thoughts on “Bava Basra 121 – בבא בתרא קכא

  1. Yasherkoach for such a clear and wonderful Shiur – from strength to strength!

    Please explain the point in today’s daf where it says the axes were broken. If I read it correctly in Shottenstein Gemorrah, the Rashbam says that they literally broke the axes. What you are saying is that we should read this figuratively i.e. The axes were put away for the next year. This makes sense but if it is in contradiction with the Rashbam, how would we explain the destruction of a perfectly good Keli?

    Again yasherkoach for a beautiful Shiur!

    • Menachem,

      Thank you for your heartfelt berachos, may Hashem grant us all much hatzlacha in our learning and service of Hashem!

      The literal wording of the Rashbam indeed indicate a literal approach, however Rashi in Maseches Taanis (31a) and Rabbeinu Gershom (on our daf) seem to apply it figuratively, so it may be a safe assumption Rashbam meant the same.

      All the best

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