Eruvin 80 – עירובין פ

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

All agree an Asheira can be used for a Lechi, since there is no Shiur requirement.  Since the Mishna (14b) requires the Lechi to be ten tefachim high, how can Asheira be valid?

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One thought on “Eruvin 80 – עירובין פ

  1. Tosafos says that since the Lechi doesn’t have any Shiur in its width it is less of an issue than the Kora. This implies that in reality there is no problem De’oraysa here just like the ladder wasn’t, and we are merely trying to figure out why the Chachamim drew the line where they did.

    Perhaps it is also possible to say that the Lechi having to be ten Tefachim high is not an aspect of the Lechi, but rather that the whole ten Tefachim of the Pesach needs to have a Lechi there.

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