Eruvin 7 – עירובין ז

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara concludes that the Mavoi heading into the Chatzer is deemed a Mavoi Satum, but requires an Eruv with the residents of the Chatzer.  The basis for the first halacha is that the Mavoi is regarded as a separate entity than the Chatzer; if so why is an Eruv required with the Chatzer?


2 thoughts on “Eruvin 7 – עירובין ז

  1. Tosafos explains that when you walk out of the Mavui into the Chatzer you can turn right or left. Therefore you aren’t open to the Reshus Harabim.

    Being open enough to the Chatzer to require an Eiruv doesn’t mean that it actually is the Chatzer.

    • But it does imply that it’s the same usage area, which would seem to indicate that the Mavoi is using the Chatzer as a walk-through, making it into one combined usage area i.e. a direct alleyway from one Reshus Harabim to the other.

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