Shabbos 124 – שבת קכד

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rava allowed moving the pottery in reshus harabim since ‘it is suitable for me’ – why is that additional element necessary, since as Rashi explains, a keli does not lose its status regardless of its location?



2 thoughts on “Shabbos 124 – שבת קכד

  1. h on amud B, says(in the Hava Aminah) That the Machlokes in the mishnah is where the Kli broke Erev Shabbos, Which means Rav Yehudah held that even if the broken Kli is fit for something, it’s Assur to use on Shabbos. What is that Hava Aminah! Why would a Kli be Assur on Shabbos!
    The Gemaarah continues to disprove this by bringing a Braisa concerning using a wooden kli for burning on Yom Tov. Why did the Gemarrah need this case to disprove the above Halacha, it should have just used the same case above to disprove?!

    The Gemarrah should have asked How could you say that if a Kli broke on Erev Shabbos then according to Rabbi Yehudah it would be Assur to use if it has a different use. But it’s Erev Shabbos! Everyone would agree you can use a Kli even if it has a different use.

    Then the Gemarrah would answer that it’s talking about a case where it broke on Shabbos.

    So to summarize, why did the Gemarrah ask from a Braisa elsewhere, when it couild have as easily asked from our own Mishnah?

    • Yaakov,

      The Ritva asks your question. The answer is that when it broke on Erev Shabbos, although it is fit for a different use, it still may not be used on Shabbos (we are talking about using it during the upcoming Shabbos, not about using it on Erev Shabbos) since it had not yet been used for the new use (and therefore is not considered designated for that use).

      This was the Hava Aminah.

      The Gemara concluded however that breaking on Erev Shabbos is actually better, since the new entity happened before Shabbos, as opposed to when it broke on Shabbos, where a new entity was created on Shabbos.


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